New Year’s Eve 2023

Celebrate the magic of the new year with award-winning magician David Parr at Milwaukee’s historic Brumder Mansion!

David Parr has been thinking about magic for more than fifty years. It began at age seven, when he received a magic set as a gift. Since then, he has brought the experience of mystery and wonder to audiences all over the world — and he even fooled Penn & Teller on their hit TV show Fool Us and won a guest spot in their stage show in Las Vegas!

New Year’s Eve is a magical time, when the old year is transformed into a new one. David invites you to an enchanting evening of magical thinking, when we’ll imagine that the impossible is possible: objects vanish or levitate, time seems to rewind, hidden thoughts are revealed, and spooky spirits drop in to visit!

Milwaukee’s historic Brumder Mansion, built in 1910, has a magical reputation of its own: it is reputedly haunted! “I’ve seen things that I can’t explain there,” says Parr. “Doors opening by themselves, strange glowing lights in the dark. The Brumder Mansion is a perfect location for magic!”

Celebrate the new year and join David Parr at the beautiful Brumder Mansion! Get tickets and information here: