Halloween Magic!

Join magicians David Parr and Erica Sodos as they celebrate the spirit of the Halloween season! This powerhouse duo combines David’s interest in the weird side of history, and Erica’s deep connection with mystical traditions, to make a memorable evening of surprises, mysteries and wonders!

On October 31 at 7:30pm Central, the wizardry of the Zoom platform will beam The Witch and the Wizard to your computer or device screen, where you’ll have a virtual front-row seat for all the magical shenanigans and fun interactivity! Erica and David will even make magic happen in your own hands! (Wacky, right?) In this one-hour show, minds will be read, fortunes foretold, ancestors honored, old traditions explored, and spooky spirits will drop in to visit! And those are just some of the things you’ll discover in our Halloween bag of tricks and treats. There will also be strange stories, mind-bending illusions, spells and hexes, and much cackling. Like this: Ha ha ha ha ha!

And here’s something sweet: this is a “pay what you can” event! You set the ticket price. How much is an evening of magic and mystery worth? That’s up to you. Reserve your virtual seat, toast some pumpkin seeds, and we’ll see you on Halloween!

One more thing: be sure to stick around after the show, because Erica and David will be doing a talkback/Q&A, so if you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask a magician, that will be your chance!

Sunday, October 31, 7:30pm Central Time (US and Canada). One-hour show, plus a Q&A after.

Eventbrite Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-witch-and-the-wizard-tickets-187942510107

For more than thirty years, Erica Sodos has been inspiring individuals and organizations to tap into their magic within and appreciate the wonders that surround us. Erica was featured on National Public Radio in a story exploring why female stage magicians are so rare, and she is currently writing a comprehensive “herstory” book about women in magic. Her monthly show The Magic Within, Psychic Explorations with Erica Sodos is currently in its seventh year. Erica is also a compassionate vegan and activist. When she is not weaving her wonders, she works at an animal sanctuary, leading tours to educate people about the amazing animals that share our magical planet.

David Parr is a winner of the coveted “Fool Us” trophy on the hit TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us. David created and costarred in Chicago’s longest-running magic show, which was chosen by the Travel Channel as one of the top nine magic shows in the nation. (Because top ten lists are so passé.) He is a frequent performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, and the author of some well-regarded books for magicians. His thought-provoking writings about the art of magic have been featured in publications in the US, Germany, France, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Eventbrite Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-witch-and-the-wizard-tickets-187942510107

Independence Day Fool Us

David Parr’s recent second appearance on the hit TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us will re-air on July 4th on the CW network at 8pm Central. Celebrate Independence Day by watching David make show host Alyson Hannigan freak out and refuse to look in his direction! Good times…

Penn & Teller: Fool Us — “Say Hello To My Little Ball Pit Troll” — Pictured (L-R): Alyson Hannigan and David Parr — Photo: Scott Everett White/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Virtual Magic!

As close to the perfect virtual magic show as I have ever seen.

The Linking Ring

Make your next online event magical and memorable!

Via the wizardry of Zoom, award-winning magician David Parr invites you into his home, where mysteries and mischief are his daily occupation. Everyone who attends will have a virtual front-row seat, so you can see David share his favorite secrets and illusions, which are sure to become your favorites too!

Objects levitate or vanish, hidden thoughts are revealed, playing cards develop a will of their own, and spooky spirits drop in to visit...

David even makes magic happen in your own hands! How is that possible? We can’t say. All you need to know is that David has promised to use his powers for good, and the Zoom platform will livestream all the wizardry and wonder to your screen, up close!

What’s the catch? There is none. You don’t even have to roll for initiative. Just contact David and he’ll arrange the best entertainment package to fit your event. Abracadabra!

Here’s what folks have been saying about David’s virtual magic:

“David Parr’s virtual show is a refreshing new take on magic that is highly accessible and interactive. David has done an excellent job of modifying his show to work with this online platform and delivering an unparalleled magical experience. I have attended multiple times and will keep going back. I highly recommend this innovative experience.” — Kirsten

“It’s a fabulous show, a way to escape reality for a while in the comfort of your own home. David does a great job of engaging the audience and making everyone feel like they have a front-row seat. I attended a few times over the past year. It made me happy when being happy wasn’t easy! Thank you David!” — Angela

“Master mage David Parr’s virtual magic show is the most cutting-edge magical entertainment one could ever hope for. His brilliant, interactive magic embraces this new magical format with real vision, dark playfulness and visual gags. Best hour I’ve spent in a long time.” — Charles

“I am still thinking about your show and can assure you all the magic was solid and so lovely, but what I keep returning to pondering is what was my favorite part? It was you. You were charming beyond belief. There’s the Magic — it is you!” — Rob

Thank you!

Big thanks to everyone who attended The Magic Hour at the Brumder Mansion! (And a special shoutout to the VIP ticket holders who stayed for the after show.) What a wonderful way to cap off 2019: a sold-out New Year’s Eve show with an amazing audience of magic fans! We played poker with Wild Bill Hickok, learned an important lesson in puppetry, found out who was naughty and nice, and maybe even achieved true enlightenment. Let’s get together and do this again sometime soon!

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Have a fantastic new year!

The Magic Hour

The Brumder Mansion & David Parr bring magic & mystery to New Year’s Eve!

GET TICKETS: https://magichour.brownpapertickets.com

The magic hour is a twilight time, somewhere between dream and wakefulness. It’s a time of mystery and wonder, when things are not quite as they seem to be. Magician David Parr is bringing mystery and wonder to the historic setting of the Brumder Mansion, with a show named after this enchanted time: THE MAGIC HOUR.

New Year’s Eve is also a magical time, when the old year is transformed into a new one. And you’ll discover that David Parr is eminently qualified to host a magical evening dedicated to amazement. He was featured on an episode of the hit TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us, where his wizardry was put to the ultimate test in front of the cameras, a live audience of hundreds, millions of TV viewers, and two very savvy Las Vegas magicians. (Spoiler alert…) David fooled them all and not only took home the coveted Fool Us trophy, but he also won a guest spot in the duo’s live show at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas!

The Brumder Mansion, built in 1910, has a bit of a magical reputation of its own: the house has been the venue for a number of David Parr’s past shows and the place is reputedly haunted! “The Brumder Mansion is a perfect location for magic,” says Parr. “It has a palpable sense of history and mystery, two of my favorite things!”

What sort of mysteries can magic fans look forward to seeing in THE MAGIC HOUR? “It has been said that the end of the year is the best time to try glimpsing the future, so we’ll definitely be looking at the subject of fortune telling. We’ll also be looking at some fascinating people and events from the past. We’ll visit the most famous, or infamous, poker game in history. We’ll examine the strange powers of the man whose name is immortalized in the word ‘mesmerize.’ And the rest is a secret!”

Celebrate the magic of the new year: join David Parr at the beautiful Brumder Mansion for THE MAGIC HOUR! Two show times: 7:30pm or 10pm. Two types of tickets will be available for both show times: $30 General Admission for the hour-long magic and mystery show; and $45 VIP tickets, which will include an extra half-hour close-up magic show by David! Only a dozen VIP tickets will be available, so get them quickly before they’re sold out!

December 31, 2019
The Brumder Mansion: 3046 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Two show times: 7:30pm or 10pm
General admission tickets $30; VIP tickets $45. No one under age ten.

GET TICKETS: https://magichour.brownpapertickets.com