New Year’s Eve 2023

Celebrate the magic of the new year with award-winning magician David Parr at Milwaukee’s historic Brumder Mansion!

David Parr has been thinking about magic for more than fifty years. It began at age seven, when he received a magic set as a gift. Since then, he has brought the experience of mystery and wonder to audiences all over the world — and he even fooled Penn & Teller on their hit TV show Fool Us and won a guest spot in their stage show in Las Vegas!

New Year’s Eve is a magical time, when the old year is transformed into a new one. David invites you to an enchanting evening of magical thinking, when we’ll imagine that the impossible is possible: objects vanish or levitate, time seems to rewind, hidden thoughts are revealed, and spooky spirits drop in to visit!

Milwaukee’s historic Brumder Mansion, built in 1910, has a magical reputation of its own: it is reputedly haunted! “I’ve seen things that I can’t explain there,” says Parr. “Doors opening by themselves, strange glowing lights in the dark. The Brumder Mansion is a perfect location for magic!”

Celebrate the new year and join David Parr at the beautiful Brumder Mansion! Get tickets and information here: https://magicalthinking.eventbrite.com

Attention Magi…

If you’re planning to attend the IBM convention in Pittsburgh in July, bring the June issue of The Linking Ring with you so David can sign it! It’ll be a great opportunity for you to meet and chat. The issue will include a fun interview and a “One-Man Parade” teaching new material and some old faves. Hope to see you there! https://ibmconvention.com/

On the Cover!

Attention Magi: the June issue of The Linking Ring magazine will feature David on the cover. Inside will be a fun interview/article about him and his work, his childhood inspirations, appearances on Fool Us, and what he has learned in over a half-century of wizardry. Also included is a “One-Man Parade” section, teaching some new material along with some old faves. Keep your peepers peeled…

A Magical New Year’s Eve!

The Magic Hour returns to the Brumder Mansion to welcome the new year!

“The magic hour” is a twilight time, somewhere between dream and wakefulness. It’s a time of mystery and mischief, when things are not as they seem. Magician David Parr is bringing magic and mystery back to the historic setting of the Brumder Mansion, with a show named after this enchanted time: THE MAGIC HOUR.

New Year’s Eve is also a magical time, when the old year is transformed into a new one. And you’ll discover that David Parr is eminently qualified to host a magical evening dedicated to amazement and wonder. He was featured on the hit TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us, where his wizardry was put to the ultimate test in front of the cameras, a live audience of hundreds, millions of TV viewers, and two very savvy Las Vegas magicians. (Spoiler alert…) David fooled them all and not only took home the coveted Fool Us trophy but also won a guest spot in the duo’s live show in Las Vegas!

The Brumder Mansion, built in 1910, has a bit of a magical reputation of its own: the house has been the venue for a number of David Parr’s shows, and the place is reputedly haunted! “The Brumder Mansion is a perfect location for magic,” says Parr. “It has a palpable sense of history and mystery — two of my favorite things!”

What sort of mysteries can magic fans look forward to seeing in THE MAGIC HOUR? “We’ll explore a game of chance that’s mentioned more than once in the works of William Shakespeare. We’ll delve into the magic kit that sparked my interest in the art of illusion at age seven. I’ll perform the trick that fooled Penn & Teller, of course. And the rest is a surprise!”

Celebrate the magic of the new year: join David Parr at the beautiful Brumder Mansion for THE MAGIC HOUR! Three shows: 8pm on Friday, December 30, and 7:30 and 10pm on Saturday, December 31. Two types of tickets will be available for all show times: $30 General Admission for the hour-long magic and mystery show; and $45 VIP tickets, which will include champagne, truffles and an extra thirty-minute close-up magic show by David! Only a dozen VIP tickets will be available for each show, so get them quickly before they’re sold out!


Friday, December 30, 8pm
Saturday, December 31, 7:30pm & 10pm
The Brumder Mansion: 3046 West Wisconsin Avenue | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

General admission tickets $30; VIP tickets $45
Tickets & information: call 414-342-9767 or visit our Eventbrite page!