The Cabinet of Curiosities Returns!

In April, David Parr’s Cabinet of Curiosities will return to the stage — in Hawaii!

We are pleased to announce that David has been invited to join Hotel Magic’s artist in residence series, The Magical Mystery Show! On April 17, David’s Cabinet of Curiosities will be open to audiences at the Fairmont Hotel Kea Lani on the island of Maui! Tickets and info available here:

Join award-winning magician David Parr for a guided tour of his collection of magical curiosities! David has gathered his favorite artifacts and stories to share with you in this seventy-minute show of mystery and magic. Every shelf of David Parr’s Cabinet of Curiosities offers an encounter with something weird and wonderful. Each object has a story — some strange, some spooky, some amusing, and all of them amazing!

Which curiosities will be featured in tonight’s show? There’s only one way to find out: pick a numbered tag and that will lead to the next mysterious item on the shelf. It might be a macabre toy from 18th-century France. Or a golden goblet from a dinner party in Renaissance Italy. Or maybe a treasured book from David’s childhood. Some objects seem deceptively simple — an old pack of fortunetelling cards or a spool of silver thread. But in David Parr’s hands, they come alive with magical possibilities…