Proof Positive

Proof Positive

An astonishing impromptu prediction!
Only $10 US

Proof Positive is an impromptu close-up miracle in which the performer predicts not only which of three imaginary coins will be selected by someone from the audience, but also the result of an imaginary coin toss, heads or tails!

This effect is genuinely impromptu — no preparation is necessary. It starts clean and ends clean, and the only item required is an ordinary coin. This is David Parr’s go-to effect when someone asks to see some magic. And it’s sure to become your go-to effect as well!

David explains everything you need to know to perform this astonishing prediction. The ebooklet is in PDF format, viewable on any platform.

Connoisseurs are calling Proof Positive the definitive version of this effect. When Joshua Jay performed Proof Positive in his Talk About Tricks video series for L&L Publishing, it earned a standing ovation!


“Proof Positive is a charming, believable effect, and I love how David has thought everything through, from the handling to the scripting. It’s the perfect effect to have at the back of your mind when someone suddenly asks you to perform something. I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.” — Richard Webster

“I have been out so many times with nothing in my pockets except pocket change. If you’ve got that, and you’ve got two minutes, and you’ve got a table, you can do an absolutely brilliant little piece.” — Joshua Jay