A Game of Life & Death

A Game of Life & Death

A playfully macabre morsel of theatrical close-up magic!
Only $10 US

A Game of Life & Death is back! Long out of print, David’s acclaimed card prediction returns — now in digital format, with updated script, instructions, and printable props!

In this playfully macabre morsel of theatrical close-up magic, someone from the audience is invited to play a game of cards with the Grim Reaper. What follows is a prediction effect with an engaging story, a surprise twist, and a cool souvenir for your audience volunteer: Death’s calling card!

Care to join the Grim Reaper in a friendly game of Cut the Cards? Beware: the Reaper has played this game many times…

What’s this? You win! A mortal has cheated Death!

But wait, the Reaper has one more secret to reveal…

No sleight of hand. Ebooklet is in PDF format, viewable on any platform. Comes with complete script, instructions, and printable props. Weird, wonderful, and sure to stand out in your close-up repertoire!

“Easy and fast reset, no sleights, just good presentation of the interesting, different script. Highly recommended!” — The Linking Ring