The Sorcerer’s Lair

Saturday, January 16, at 6pm Central

Welcome to the Sorcerer’s Lair! Award-winning magician David Parr invites you into his home, where mysteries and mischief are his daily occupation. Get your ticket and we’ll reserve a virtual front-row seat, so you can be there when David shares his favorite illusions. Objects levitate or vanish, hidden thoughts are revealed, playing cards develop a will of their own, and spooky spirits drop in to visit. David even makes magic happen in your own hands! How is that even possible? We can’t say. All you need to know is that David has promised to use his powers for good, and the Zoom platform will livestream all the wizardry and wonder to your own screen, up close! There will even be some surprises for folks who have seen the show before!

What’s the catch? There is none. There’s not even a set ticket price. This is a “pay what you can” event. That means you choose the ticket price. Five dollars? Ten dollars? Fifteen? Twenty? Or even a dollar! Whatever you choose, just get your ticket now and we’ll see you at showtime! It’s gonna be sorceriffic! Click the link below: