Come in, come in. You’re just in time. The magic is about to begin…

David Parr is the creator and costar of Chicago’s longest-running weekly magic show, The Magic Cabaret, now celebrating its tenth anniversary! The show was selected by the Travel Channel as one of the top nine magic shows in the nation! (Because top-ten lists are so passé.) This summer, David will be featured on the CW network’s TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us, where his magical skills will be put to the ultimate test!

When David is not busy mystifying guests at corporate and private events, he devotes his time to theatrical endeavors. These projects usually include an emphasis on history or literature. Around Halloween, David can often be found haunting atmospheric locations with original shows such as Haunting History, a guided tour of the shadowy territory where history meets myth and folklore, or Visions of Poe, an interactive journey into the tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

In the hidden world of magicians, David is best known for his theatrical performing style and for his writing and teaching skills. In addition to providing guidance and instruction to magicians at lecture appearances across the United States — including at Hollywood’s prestigious Magic Castle — David has written some highly regarded books for magicians. In the past decade or so, he was a featured columnist, proofreader, and copy editor for MAGIC Magazine, the world’s top magic journal. His thought-provoking writings about the art of magic have also been featured in publications in the US, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Australia, and Sweden.